MikiNobu Komatsu and new Japan book (coming out soon)

I was born and raised in Japan, however three years spent in New York during my primary school days changed my life. After graduating from university in Tokyo I left Japan to live in Australia. I made Sydney my home, married and have a daughter who is ready to explore a new culture as I did. After 40 years in Australia I decided to spend some time in Japan remembering how good it was for me to experience different culture in New York.

It was good for me revisiting my old home. It took a while for the photographer part of my soul to react to the scenery around me but gradually I reconnected with my Japanese roots. My photographic eye had become hungry to feed my heart with the nostalgic Japanese landscape that's ingrained in every Japanese person's psyche. Although my photographic eye might have become a bit of an expat's having been away for so long, my heart was responding more and more to the Japanese scenery with a deep feeling of nostalgia.

I have written haiku to go with every image that reflects my emotional journey through Japan. In expressing my response to each image I hope it will enable you to not only enjoy the image but also to encourage you to create your own world from the images. Haiku is a style of poetry that goes back to the 17th century Japan, particularly known through the work of Matsuo Basho who traveled around Japan composing haiku. English haiku, 5-7-5 syllables like Japanese haiku, or shorter in 3 simple short lines, is now widely enjoyed by many people all over the world.

I produced and published a similar style photographic book LIGHT MOODS SOUTH on New Zealand's South Island, which was considered as one of the best 100 books in New Zealand by local Listener Magazine in 2011. It has haiku accompanying 50 landscape photographs from the South Island.

My Japan book will be a very personal and emotional photographic journey for me, but I hope that the photographs and haiku in the book will stir the hearts of many.


1983   Opera House 10th Anniversary Exhibition (group exhibition)  Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

1993   Australia  Foreign Correspondent Club, Tokyo

1993   Emotion Live  Stills Gallery, Sydney

1996   Australian Theatre Festival  Canberra

1998   Into the Light   Qantas Club, Sydney Airport

2000   Light Moves   The Gallery Cafe, Sydney

2001   Nikon/Panorama Photographers Contest 2nd prize   Australia

2003   My Australia & New Zealand   Kinokuniya Gallery, Sydney

2005   South Island of New Zealand   Fuji Photo Salon, Tokyo

2006   South Island of New Zealand   Centre of Contemporary Art, Christchurch

2006   In Transit (group exhibition)  Alliance Francaise, Sydney

2007   Lovers (group exhibition)  Alliance Francaise, Sydney

2007   Light Moods South  The Forrester Gallery, Oamaru, New Zealand

2007   Light Moods South  Millennium Art Gallery, Blenheim, New Zealand

2007   South  Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA), Christchurch

2008   Light Moods South  Amisfield Winery, Queenstown, New Zealand

2008   South  The Suter Art Gallery, Nelson, New Zealand

2009   Fine Art Auction 2009 (group exhibition)  CoCA, Christchurch

2009   Light Moods South  Temple Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand

2009   Light Moods South  Southland Museum & Art Gallery, Invercargill, New Zealand

2009   Koru Lounge (Air New Zealand)  Queenstown Airport, New Zealand

2009   Koru Lounge (Air New Zealand)  Sydney & Christchurch Airports

2010    Koru Lounge (Air New Zealand)  Sydney & Christchurch Airports

2011    Koru Lounge (Air New Zealand)  Sydney & Christchurch Airports

2011    LIGHT MOODS SOUTH (South Island of New Zealand)  book published

2011    LIGHT MOODS SOUTH  considered as one of the best 100 books by Listener Magazine in New Zealand

2012   Tsutaya Books Daikanyama  Tokyo exhibition and book launch

2013   LIGHT MOODS SOUTH  Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland Festival of Photography New Zealand

2013   Cliff to Clay (group exhibition)  NZ Academy of Fine Arts Wellington

2013   Koru Lounge (Air New Zealand)  Sydney & Auckland Airports

2014   Koru Lounge (Air New Zealand)  Sydney & Auckland Airports

2014   MikiNobu Komatsu Selected Works  Black Eye Gallery, Sydney

2014   appeared in YourDailyPhotograph.com  Duncan Miller Gallery USA

2014   LIGHT MOODS SOUTH  Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney

2016   Click! (group exhibition)  Badger & Fox Gallery, Sydney

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